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Hello Las Vegas!

I'm Patti Zapparolli, Founder and CEO of 4Lyfe LLC and President of the Last Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber

In our healthcare industry, a healthy person is bad for business, so I speak with medical professionals about achieving better patient outcomes through preventative medicine and nutrition.  I show them a simple way to incorporate that into their current practice and generate an additional stream of income while doing so.

While 4Lyfe can provide services globally we focus our efforts here in the fabulous Las Vegas NV area!

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My Story

When you watch your mom deteriorate and not enjoy her golden years, you feel helpless.  You sit idly by as another prescription is written telling her it will make her feel better.  

You feel the guilt of not being able to take the pain away, help her breath, or make her smile.

You sit at the table, in tears, as you sort through a plethora of pills, each with its own set of dire consequences.  As one ailment is alleviated, three more appear.

In and of out Doctor's offices.  15 years later - you hear it's cancer,  it's been cancer all along.  Multiple Myeloma.

I do what I do because I know alternative therapies and healing techniques would have helped her in so many ways.  Not a cure, but a much higher quality of life. I never had the chance to discuss it with her, but I know I can help others.

Not one of her healthcare providers offered her alternative therapies, not one.  That needs to change and I'm asking you to partner with me to stop the pharmaceutical side effects, addiction, and misery wreaking havoc on our bodies, minds, families and communities, and offer natural therapies and plant-based alternative options to ALL those that could benefit.

It's time for all healthcare providers to move to incorporate functional medicine into current specialties.  You owe it to your patients and your practice and I would love to have a conversation with you.


Meet Dina Kelley

Health & Wellness Advisor | Business Development Strategist


Optimal Wellness

Member Onboarding and Success Specialist

Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce

Proud Member: Henderson Chamber of Commerce

Leadership team member with: Functional Wellness Network and Health Care Alliance

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We are thrilled to partner with someone as talented and dedicated to health and wellness as Dina!

Dina Kelley is a health and wellness advisor helping people optimize their life journey through nutrition, fitness, and the best available nutraceuticals on the market. She’s at home in multiple sectors, with a track record of success building and leading some of the best consumer food and technology brands through her 30-year journey. 

As a Silicon Valley executive, she managed the global sales operations, training, and marketing experience working with high-tech companies, global retail, SMBs, and Fortune 500 level organizations in various industries. She was responsible for consumer brand strategies, expanded partnerships, sales channels and global brands for enterprise high-tech and software startup companies. B2B/B2C Clients to include Cisco Systems, Diamond Foods, Siebel Systems, HP, Compaq, Symantec, Oracle, Fujitsu, Amdahl and Destination Restaurant Group. She works from a brand-centric strategy, where the top of the strategy is driven by the brand. “A brand is the promise of an experience.”

Having traveled the world throughout her career, she has seen many people suffer different health-related issues that she always felt “I wish I could do something to help them.” She’s been involved with food and nutrition all her life and works hard to eat well, work out and live a healthy lifestyle in all ways. She strives to be the example of what she promotes and loves helping others become the best they can by offering the best nutritional supplements, anti-aging science, and health and wellness advice through functional medicine. 

Her desire is to help as many people become healthy through better education, nutrition, fitness, and the published science. She believes that “Prevention is better than disease management” that is why she aims to provide the best solutions through cutting-edge technology, proven science, and utilizing alternative ways & holistic approaches to make a healthier world. 

Dina has a BS from Iowa State in Home Economics Journalism and Food and Nutrition. She is on the leadership team of Functional Wellness Network, Healthcare Alliance and Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber.

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