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CBD products exclusively positioned for sale in healthcare facilities

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CBD Salve & Cream

Proudly made in Colorado and specially formulated to serve the medical and therapeutic community for those seeking the most powerful therapeutic effect.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Each bottle is packed with 100% Colorado Grown FULL SPECTRUM Hemp CBD plus the added entourage effect that terpenes provide. 

Therapeutic Doses

1500mg - 5000mg


Certificate of Analysis

Pleasant Peppermint Taste

Dropper with dose measurement

Enhanced Solubility

100% Water Soluble

Time-released Capable


300mg - 750mg

Resistant to Acid Hydrolysis

No CBD Transformation

No CBD Degradation

Entry into body greatly amplified


Spectrum CBD

Modern Health's exclusive NextCBD Technology™ significantly amplifies CBD absorption into the bloodstream setting the stage for greater Total Bioavailability.

Dropper Bottle

Have questions about CBD and how it can help with better patient outcomes and better clinic income?

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