Each 30ml bottle is packed with 100% Colorado Grown FULL SPECTRUM Hemp providing all the benefits of CBD plus the added entourage effect that terpenes provide.

Modern Health CBD brand Full Spectrum Oil is available in 500mg , 1000mg or 1500mg; always developing the most powerful and potent CBD Oils to serve the health care and therapeutic community.


Each Modern Health USA product is always made to the highest standards and each item comes with a 3rd party certificate of analysis which verifies:

• CBD content
• Other Cannabinoids
• THC content under the federal legal Limit of .3%

EVOLVE Full Spectrum Oil Hemp Extract

  • Total Servings per 30ml Bottle = 30



    CBD per




    1500MG 30ml Bottle                       50mg     1ml
    1000MG 30ml Bottle 33.34mg     1ml
    500MG 30ml Bottle 16.67mg     1ml