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Over Doses

7 out of 10 were

opioid overdoses

Resource: usafacts.org/

80% of

heroin users

Have previously abused

prescription painkillers

Resource: usafacts.org/

40 Million

American Adults

Anxiety disorders are the

most common mental illness

Resource: adaa.org

7.7 Million

American Adults

Affected by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Resource: adaa.org

But you have to act now

More and more Americans, including our senior community, are seeking plant-based alternatives; therefore, offering CBD products at your practice or wellness clinic is more important than ever. As a trusted medical professional, you can make an impact by helping to reduce opioid addiction and other harmful side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Unlock the potential that CBD can bring

to your patients 

and practice.

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