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Full Spectrum

Hemp Extract Oil

100% Colorado Grown

Each bottle is packed with 100% Colorado Grown FULL SPECTRUM Hemp providing all the benefits of CBD plus the added entourage effect that terpenes provide.

Modern Health CBD brand comes in doses from 500Mg -1500mg; always developing the most powerful and potent CBD Oils to serve the health care and therapeutic community.

Each Modern Health USA product is always made to the highest standards and each item comes with a 3rd party certificate of analysis which verifies:

• CBD content
• Other Cannabinoids
• THC content under the federal legal Limit of .3%


Whole Spectrum

Hemp Extract Softgel

Powered by nextCBD™ Technology

  • Up to 20x Greater Absorption

  • Hemp Concentrate Fully water-soluble

  • Uniquely stable: does NOT degrade in stomach

  • Unparalleled and rapid bioavailability

  • Sourced from agricultural hemp

  • Gluten, herbicide and pesticide free, non-GMO

  • Bio-enhanced, patented and patent-pending technology


Hemp Extract Cream

100% Natural

Modern Health USA offers CBD creams at therapeutic doses and firmly believes that an opioid-sparring protocol is needed and should include a non-addictive, plant-based alternative.

Modern Health CREAMS are proudly made in Colorado using either Isolate or Full Spectrum Oil, and are formulated to serve the medical and therapeutic community and for those seeking the most powerful therapeutic effect.


CBD Skin Care

Designed by experts

Modern Health USA CBD products are designed and engineered for exclusive use by a Health Care or Esthetics Professional.

Modern Health USA are pioneers in CBD products to help reverse years of aging and make your skin glow and look vibrant. Our Anti-Aging skin products are designed by experts in the beauty field and are packed with ingredients designed to reverse years of aging naturally.

Try the Modern Health CBD Skin Care portfolio and instantly see years of skin damage begin to improve.